Tv in a brochure

Innovation has once again taken the classic greeting card a step further: the video card. Event Merchandising created an unbelievable product that contains a video message inside of the standard greeting card. There is a multitude of reasons why this product is certainly a major improvement on the old-fashioned greeting card.

For one thing, the unit’s battery will never die. Unlike in most singing or recorded birthday cards that contain a battery that runs out of power after a specific number of uses, the video card contains a rechargeable battery that works specifically with the USB in your personal computer. This is quite convenient, especially if the battery does run out of charge and the recipient of the card desires to look at the card again. The USB connection will also allow a user to change the video message stored on the card. This can be helpful if one wants to reuse the card, which in the long run, could save money over buying hundreds of standard greeting cards over the year.

The card’s size is also quite convenient; the lightest card weighs less than ten grams and contains size of 6 mm all around. This makes it simple to carry in a purse, bag, or even an envelope.

However, size does not matter in regards to quality. Despite its size, the video card contains an LCD screen that is extremely thin and actually fits inside of the greeting card, along with the connections to play the video message. The LCD screens are created between 2.5 and 10 inches around. It is quite astounding how they have figured out a way to fit a functional LCD screen inside of a small greeting card.

Nonetheless, the most unbelievable piece to this quite impressive device is the hard drive. The hard drive is smaller than a normal portable hard drive and for its size, it contains a lot of space. One can store multiple videos that adds up to around a few hours on that hard drive.

These video cards are perfect for birthdays, celebrations, and even professional presentations. They are cost-efficient, reusable, and easy to carry around. There is no flaw to think of in this product, and the many uses one will get out of it will pay for the card itself.

For more information about how the video card works, how it operates, and what to expect from the card, go to There will be an in-depth analysis on the product specifications, uses for the product, and how the product is helpful. They also provide contact information in case a client desires to speak directly to a representative from the company. This new video card is extremely affordable for anyone who wishes to purchase it. The product is unbelievable and Promo Video Brochure is the place to learn more about this wonderful innovation.

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