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5 inch screen video brochure

Promo videobrochure latest card is for the fashion industry. The videocard features a five inch screen together with volume control buttons. The video brochure starts automatically on opening

Video Brochures

Promovideobrochure are manufacturing video cards and video brochures for Property companies to showcase high end properties and services. The cards be set up with generic artworks and video’s and as new properties are taken on, the new videos can be uploaded to the video brochure. Buttons can be use to show different rooms or properties. […]

Soccerex Video card

Promotional video brochure manufacture video cards for Soccerex. The card has a gloss finish with a five minute video.

Touch Screen Video card

The touch screen promotional video card is proving popular with our corporate clients, whom wish to promote their company with state of the art technology. On the screen a pop up of various buttons appear which can be used to move through various chapters of the video or to control the volume.