Month: January 2013

Champagne Tvinacard

5 by 7 inch TV in a card for Champagne Brand. Featuring a 3.5 inch screen. Hi high end matt finish with a spot uv.

Yahoo Promovideocard

Yahoo wanted a Video or TV in a card to be used for marketing and direct marketing for its customers. Event was contacted to make the Video card in a short lead time. As part of the brief Yahoo wanted a pocket in the folder to store additional material. An A4 sized card was created […]

Soccex Promovideocard

Soccerex wanted to promote its forthcoming exhibition for the world of sports and football in Rio. A 5 by 7 inch card was created with a 3.5 inch screen with full colour presentation card. Compared to an email or other direct marketing campaign the response rate was 300% higher.

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