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New Brochure Designs

Hexagonal Video Brochure

Days after releasing our tri-screen, Promo Video Brochure have been delivered a fresh batch of new brochures ready for you to try.   We are forever growing and improving our range of brochures so that we can clients are not limited to a standard design. And so, a week after receiving our tri-screen samples, we now have a […]

The Latest Video Brochure


Our news years resolution was to improve our product even further, and offer customers the chance to be the first to obtain the latest development in video promotion. 8 days in and we have done just that.  Our 2016 has kicked off with a bang! Promo Video Brochure has taken one giant step for mankind and are now […]


Tri Screen Video Brochure

Get ready for a step into the future. Behold, the Tri-Screen. Here at Promo Video we are constantly meeting the needs of clients, looking at the demands of the market and incorporating new technologies into our current product range. So Promo Video have created the Tri-Screen. The samples will be landing with us this Friday […]


Need a Big Screen? Our client wanted a big screen to showcase their brand – but didn’t want the customer to be carrying around a big Brochure to hold the big screen. They were looking for an effective solution to match their brief. You want to show your client your latest video – but with […]


PERSONALISE YOUR VIDEO BROCHURE Including personalisation ‘the personal touch‘ within your video brochure can help you successfully target your audience. Personalisation allows a you to show-off how it can relate, communicate, and interact with customers and prospects. Personalisation helps convert interest into sales through superior connection and increase recurring conversions (repeat purchase) advocacy and retention. […]

TV in a card

video card

Video brochure or TV in a card for a company in the fashion industry. 5 inch screen in an A5 card.

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