Our latest offering Event Merchandising made for Primark. Primark were in search of a unique tool to help train and educate their staff internally. Our Video Brochures were perfect for this purpose. As opposed to traditional training techniques, our Video Brochures offer a fully interactive, immersive experience for their staff, which resulted in higher engagement. As it was a training video, this contained over 3 hours of content, split into separate videos.

In order to realise this brief, we provided Primark with 10 button functionality, a 7 inch screen embedded in a 10 inch card brochure. The card was fully branded to Primark specifications. The buttons contained a volume button, fast forward/rewind, Summary & Extras Tab, and 6 buttons to switch to the six training videos.

In terms of shipping, we were well placed to handle this order – with Primark requiring us to distribute to their offices in Ireland, plus many other destinations around Europe for all Primark Europe Stores.

 Micro Video Card




High impact.

Video Brochures register a high impact. When you hand someone one of our Video Brochures – it has an immediate impact. People are instantly drawn to your video content – users/clients are presented with a multi-sensory experience, which is instantly engaging, and far more impressive than a standard brochure. People will leave with a positive impression of your brand.


As opposed to a paper/card brochure which people usually discard, a Video Brochure will not be treated as such. It is apparent when we have taken Video Brochures to demo, whether it be large corporate clients or trade fairs – there is always a positive reaction – it gains the attention and captures the imagination. This inevitably results in people passing the Video Brochure around, meaning your bespoke branding, design and own video content is being passed around simultaneously.

Measure ROI.

Video Brochures give you the ability to measure and track ROI, in order to gain tangible business results. It is possible to measure this, for example if you are working on a specific campaign and using Video Brochures as part of the campaign, you can use tools such as unique codes, digital web keys etc. – this gives you the ability to track the performance of your marketing campaigns. Tracking your performance digitally offers unparalleled data results compared to a standard leaflet campaign – which in comparison is more difficult to measure precisely.


As someone opens the Video Brochure, they are greeted by several triggers: watch video, change video, request more information etc. This is through the added button functionality, of which you can add more. This adds a much more interactive element which is not found with standard brochures. In addition, you are providing the client/user the ability to respond to calls to action, benefitting your business.

Bespoke options.

No matter how innovative the brochure design is, or how beautiful the artwork, there are limits. With an LCD video incorporated, the card around the screen can be shaped into any shape or size, reflecting your brand. As the user holds the Video Brochure in their hands it requires instant attention and will held correctly as opposed to discarding, no matter how innovative the design of the brochure is. In addition, you can choose the screen size to incorporate a larger screen if your video content is of paramount importance, or there is the option to have smaller screens so your branding can be more pronounced.




Promo Video Brochure are the pioneers of the Video Brochures. We were the first to bring this product to the UK market. This was achieved by working closely with our partners in the Far East, who wanted to bring this product to the UK. As part of Event Merchandising, who have an extensive contact base and over 30 years of experience in merchandising to help trial this product in the UK. It is through this successful partnership that we are the first to receive the newest product innovations before anyone else.

Introducing the our latest Video Brochure – a stand alone 4.3″ screen embedded in a ABS plastic edge , which can host your brand artwork on the front and back. This particular model featured has one button functionality on the back – which is perfect for displaying continuous information related to your product/brand on a display – whether it be on a display in a retail capacity or maybe at a conference.

It is a perfect marketing tool for this purpose, as the display increases awareness through a combination of an inviting LCD display and your brand artwork on the front of the ABS plastic.




We believe we are the best choice when it comes to Video Brochures. Outlined below is a list of reasons why you should choose us…


We will happily demo the product. We can come to you and demo the product to you and your team. All free of charge.


You can pick up the phone at any time and we will assist you through every part of the process. From artwork to logistics, or after the order has been delivered. We pride ourselves on building great relationships with all of our clients – which is why we have consistent repeat business. We will endeavour to satisfy your needs.


As a subsidiary of Event Merchandising, who have over 30 years experience – working with London 2012 Olympics, and are set to manage stores at Rio 2016. We have a wealth of experience compared to our competitors.


We were the first to supply the Video Brochure. We worked with our partners to launch the Video Brochure in the UK market. Therefore we are the originators and have an in-depth knowledge of this product compared to our competitors – we are also the first to hear about new technological advancements. In addition, we are in control of all parts of the manufacturing process.


We can manage complex orders with regard to design and specification. Fully bespoke Video Cards designed exactly to your specification. We have an in-house design department who can design your Video Brochure and create the artwork for your bespoke Video Brochures.


Further to this, we can manage complex shipment orders. A recent order included shipments to individual addresses all over the USA on a certain date to coincide with a product opening, with the full UK dispatch coming a week later. We recognize the importance of reliable shipments and understand how crucial this is to your business. We have had similar requests with a myriad of different clients, with dispatch requests all over Europe, Asia and Africa. We respond to complex logistics with ease.

This is because we have strong relationships with several fulfilment houses, and can also call upon many prominent strong relationships we have in many countries, through Event Merchandising.





Our client wanted a big screen to showcase their brand – but didn’t want the customer to be carrying around a big Brochure to hold the big screen. They were looking for an effective solution to match their brief.

You want to show your client your latest video – but with the tangibility of holding something in while watching the video – so they are fully immersed and engaged with your offering. Our Video Brochures are the solution to this problem. Our Video Brochures allow the user to become fully immersed in a multi-sensory experience – allowing your brand to be showcased in the best possible light. It leaves the user with a positive impression of your brand that will heighten brand awareness.

Our client wanted it to be as lightweight as possible.

We responded with a 10-inch screen with a 1.5-inch border – so the screen was centre stage in the Card. Our client opted to have one button so as to not take up space – so the screen was the centrepiece of the card. If you only have one video or you don’t need to switch videos – the button functionality is not needed. Thus, the uninterrupted viewing of the person you want to reach is of paramount importance – they can enjoy your video on a 10-inch screen.

82% confirmed that video had a positive on their business. Putting your video in the hands of the people you want to reach is a great step in achieving your marketing goals.

And remember – the key is viewer engagement. If possible, try and keep your video content condensed. Statistics show that viewer retention drops off by up to 50% on videos that are over 10 minutes long.

We can produce the Videos for you. We work with a world-class content creation and production company that develops highly effective solutions for our clients and partners. Clever story telling is central to everything we do. Whether it’s for a Video Brochure, commercial, film or event we always put a uniquely experienced team on the project to ensure we always deliver the very best production.

Our partners unique set up allows us to create, develop, produce and deliver projects all in house. We have access to a fully networked post-production facility with 10 HD Final Cut Pro Suites, 5 Motion Graphics and animation stations, a sound suite with Pro Tools HD7 enabling all sound design, music creation and voice-overs to be produced in house. In addition, a high-spec TV studio with a Green-room, dressing rooms and kitchen. This will give you unrivalled time-saving and financial efficiencies in creating your video.

Want a great video for your Video Brochure? We can help you produce a world class video fit to show to your clientele.

Need more info, or would like a sample?

Don’t hesitate – get in contact:

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One of the best things about Video Brochures is that they are fit for multi-purpose, and can be universally used across sectors.

For example, they are a great way to stand out at a show or a fair. If you have a great stand already that is attracting new visitors – our Video Brochures can be the final part of the jigsaw. They can help you to have the best stand with the most visitors – making your brand to stand out from the competition. Video Brochures attract people to the stands as they wish to find out more about your brand given the multi-sensory experience our fully branded Video Cards offer. As people take in your content – they will leave with a positive and memorable impression of your brand. With the USB cable attachment, it can also be a useful way of data capture and sign ups. This in turn will drive people to your website.

Or is there a new product or service you want to showcase in an innovative fashion? Highlight this through the medium of handheld video – it will give you the edge over your competitors. Or need a great way to demo a multi-product line? You can have many videos in one card at the change of a button – that will showcase your product line in the best light. We can also incorporate HD video into the card. If you need to add more video to your existing content – or want to change the video content completely – this is very easy – Video Brochures can be used again and again for a myriad of different purposes. 

Another benefit is two-fold: 1. The opportunity to get your video content into the hands of the people you want to reach. 2. The share-ability aspect. Our Video Brochures are a high-impact, instantly shareable, powerful marketing tools. More and more of the people that matter will see your video content after being passed your fully branded Video Brochure. This in turn hugely improves brand awareness and will lead to new opportunities for your brand.





1. Re-usability

You can change your video as easy as changing a USB. Re-use the video card for one function – and then video can be changed for an entirely new purpose.

2. High impact

Immediate impact with your clients, Video Brochures command attention through a combination of Video and innovation.

3. Fully bespoke

We can create anything. The Card can be shaped to any specification. Give us your wildest brief – we can make it happen.

4. Cross-Sector

The Video Card can be used across sector – in any discipline to help supplement your marketing.

5. YOUR Video in THEIR hands

Video is extremely powerful medium. With our Video Brochures you are highlighting your brand in a novel and innovative way – the people you want to reach are taking in your content.

6. Share ability

As soon as you hand someone a brochure – it is instantly shared around a crowd of people. A see one want one effect. Imagine this with your clients – and they are all watching your video at the same time!

7. Brand Awareness

Putting your brand in a video brochure instantly increases brand awareness – the Video Brochure will leave clients with a memorable impression of your brand.

8. Leverage power of Video

Video Content is fast becoming the only way to communicate with your audience. Online video users are expected to double to 1.5 billion in 2016. Video Brochures can help you leverage the power of his powerful medium.

9. Data Capture

Video Brochures are a great way to capture data and measure ROI. With every brochure given out you can track the data with unique product keys.

10. Events

Video Brochures are fantastic at events. For example if you are going to a trade show – Video Brochures at your stand will make you stand out. You are able to showcase your product/brand in a unique way that will draw the attention of a crowd.








Here is our latest offering for one of our clients – a high end fashion house. The mantra of our client is to create tomorrow – they do this by predicting trends in fashion for their clients. This allows their clients to make more informed decisions through a mixture of big data, crowd-sourced consumer insight and creative expertise.


Thus, to befit the mantra of their business, they wanted the newest product to showcase their brand to their clients.

We produced a 8.5 inch Video Card with a 5 inch LCD screen incorporated within, including 4 button functionality. Two buttons to change the video, and two buttons for volume control. With the built in memory that can be pre-loaded or your files to be uploaded at any point – it is a sure-fire way to get your message across.


We helped our client leverage the power of video to showcase their brand to their clients. Video is fast becoming the only way to communicate with not just your clients, but communication in general. According to Forrester Research, 1 minute of Video equates to 1.8 million words. 1.8 million! Our Video Brochure bridges the gap between the versatility of brochure and the high impact of video marketing. The re-usability was also a key factor – the ability to change the video as easy as changing a USB meant the Video Card could show different videos pertaining to different events. Having the newest products at the event is of paramount importance for our client – their raison d’etre is the ability to predict trends – so the new and innovative Video Brochure was a perfect fit for them.

Clients trust us to deliver their expectations. Our mantra is to surpass these expectations. We help brands stand out amongst a cluttered marketplace.


If you are looking for innovative, exciting ways to promote – there aren’t many better than using this product. Don’t take our word for it, gauge the reaction when you hand someone one of our sample Video Brochures. It commands instant attention – people are drawn to the fact the product is new (some would never have seen before) and thus generates a buzz around a room/event. If you are looking to differentiate yourself from your competitors at an event for example – Video Brochures are a great way to get noticed. People will come to you to see your video content. So the last part rests with you – great video content. But even we can do that bit for you! We work with a world class Video Production agency who can take your content and do wonderful things with it.


Sound like a fit for your brand? See how we can help you. We are based in London – but we regularly ship products all over the world – so international shipping is no problem!

Contact us now:

T: 0208 208 1166







OK. Let’s start with Video in general. It is fast becoming the only medium to spread your message. Video increases people’s understanding of your product/service by 74%.

Go to your Facebook News feed, what do you see? Videos. There is a simple reason: people engage much more with a video.

Obviously there are benefits to using standard brochures. However the unfortunate truth is that on many occasions people will throw a brochure away – sometimes without even reading it.

Our video brochures bridge that gap. Imagine putting video content directly in the hands of the people you want to reach – within a brochure. Imagine customising that brochure to look like anything you desire. As above – want a steering wheel? No problem.

You give us your requirements and your design. Or we can do it for you – we have an in-house design studio that can realise your brief. All that’s left is choosing the screen size (ranging from 2.4 – 10 inches) buttons and any extras you may want (e.g. HD screen)

If you need video production – we work with a world class content creation & production company that will deliver a highly effective solution for your video marketing.

It can be re-used again and again, new videos can be uploaded when you are finished with the old videos – so you can use them again for an entirely new purpose.

Incorporate Video Brochures into your marketing strategy today.

Contact us at and see how we can help you!




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