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• To stand out from competitors, you need a strong competitive edge the video brochure gives you that unique edge • We are subject to thousands of branding messages a day. We pay attention to a handful. We remember just 4. • Marketing using a Physical product using the video brochures allows you to put […]

5 inch screen video brochure

Promo videobrochure latest card is for the fashion industry. The videocard features a five inch screen together with volume control buttons. The video brochure starts automatically on opening

7 inch screen video brochures

Promo Video Brochures manufacture for a Nigerian company a 7 inch and 4.3 inch video card in a A4 card. The card has 4 buttons with different video chapters. Over 1000 cards were created in 5 days, the client requested an express delivery date and paid an additional fee to deliver the cards in record […]