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Video brochures

Promotional video brochures, the screen sizes are growing in all directions. To order yours contact jenelle@eventmerch.com for a personal service.

Video Brochures for Pharma Industry

Video Brochures for Pharma

Well plus wanted a Video Brochure to show information and training for pharmacies across the UK. We supplied the video brochures with a 7 inch screen and 4 buttons with different videos.

Need a Big Screen?

Our client wanted a big screen to showcase their brand – but didn’t want the customer to be carrying around a big Brochure to hold the big screen. Our client wanted it to be as lightweight as possible. We responded with a 10 inch screen with a 1.5 inch border – so the screen was […]

Our latest offering…

THE COMPANY Here is our latest offering for one of our clients – a high end fashion house. The mantra of our client is to create tomorrow – they do this by predicting trends in fashion for their clients. This allows their clients to make more informed decisions through a mixture of big data, crowd-sourced consumer […]

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