Month: October 2015

Our Video Brochures – fit for any purpose

Video Brochure for Primark

Our latest offering Event Merchandising made for Primark. What Primark were in search of was a unique tool to help train and educate their staff internally. Our Video Brochures were perfect for this purpose. As opposed to traditional training techniques, our Video Brochures offer a fully interactive, immersive experience for their staff, which resulted in […]

Video Brochures

Event produces a new video Card for Primark – with increased button functionality. This allows volume control and the ability to change the video. (3 videos in total) We are able to produce Video Brochures with many button options – just send us your specification and we will do the rest!

Video Brochure v Standard Brochure

VIDEO BROCHURE V STANDARD BROCHURE   High impact. Video Brochures register a high impact. When you hand someone one of our Video Brochures – it has an immediate impact. People are instantly drawn to your video content – users/clients are presented with a multi-sensory experience, which is instantly engaging, and far more impressive than a […]

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