Caught on camera!

Caught on video:

Whilst it is essential for all businesses to market their products and the means of doing this are varied, one relatively new concept offers an engaging and practical option. The video brochure contains an LCD screen, as well as an array of versatile printed packaging, designed to suit your brand or concept. This marketing tool also has built-in PCB boards and speakers and it is powered by re-chargeable lithium batteries. All that is needed in order to recharge this easily portable tool is a USB cable, which is provided by us.

As well as being a useful marketing device, video brochures can be used at trade shows or even as an educational tool, as well as being part of press packs, user guides, and training manuals for businesses to use with new employees.

The biggest advantages of the video brochures are that they are a great way of keeping the end user engaged and the devices provide an outstanding return on investment, due to the fact that it is possible to re-use them several times. In contrast, with a paper brochure, customers tend to glance through the magazine and then dispose of the item.

In conclusion, the combination of a high resolution video and the easy attainability of vast amounts of information in such a short time make this product one that can provide a positive impression of your brand and help to grow among new audiences (but one that can also help a company to develop its future leaders through inspiring training programs.)

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