Our Video Brochures – fit for any purpose

Our latest offering Event Merchandising made for Primark. What Primark were in search of was a unique tool to help train and educate their staff internally. Our Video Brochures were perfect for this purpose. As opposed to traditional training techniques, our Video Brochures offer a fully interactive, immersive experience for their staff, which resulted in higher engagement. As it was a training video, this contained over 3 hours of content, split into separate videos.

In order to realise this brief, we provided Primark with 10 button functionality, a 7 inch screen embedded in a 10 inch card brochure. The card was fully branded to Primark specifications. The buttons contained a volume button, fast forward/rewind, Summary & Extras Tab, and 6 buttons to switch to the six training videos.

In terms of shipping, we were well placed to handle this order – with Primark requiring us to distribute to their offices in Ireland, plus many other destinations around Europe for all Primark Europe Stores.

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