Need a Big Screen?

Our client wanted a big screen to showcase their brand – but didn’t want the customer to be carrying around a big Brochure to hold the big screen.

Our client wanted it to be as lightweight as possible.

We responded with a 10 inch screen with a 1.5 inch border – so the screen was centre stage in the Card. Our client opted to have one button so as to not take up space – so the screen was the centrepiece of the card. If you only have one video or you don’t need to switch videos – the button functionality is not needed. Thus, the uninterrupted viewing of the person you want to reach is of paramount importance – they can enjoy your video on a 10 inch screen.

82% confirmed that video had a positive on their business. Putting your video in the hands of the people you want to reach is a great step in achieving your marketing goals.

And remember – the key is viewer engagement. If possible, try and keep your video content condensed. Statistics show that viewer retention drops off by up to 50% on videos that are over 10 minutes long.

We can produce the Videos for you. We work with a world class content creation and production company that develops highly effective solutions for our clients and partners. Clever story telling is central to everything we do. Whether it’s for a Video Brochure, commercial, film or event we always put a uniquely experienced team on the project to ensure we always deliver the very best production.

Our partners unique set up allows us to create, develop, produce and deliver projects all in house. We have access to a fully networked post-production facility with 10 HD Final Cut Pro Suites, 5 Motion Graphics and animation stations, a sound suite with Pro Tools HD7 enabling all sound design, music creation and voice-overs to be produced in house. In addition, a high-spec TV studio with a green-room, dressing rooms and kitchen. This will give you unrivalled time-saving and financial efficiencies in creating your video.



Want a great video for your Video Brochure? We can help you produce a world class video fit to show to your clientele.

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