The Latest Video Brochure

Our news years resolution was to improve our product even further, and offer customers the chance to be the first to obtain the latest development in video promotion. 8 days in and we have done just that. 

Our 2016 has kicked off with a bang! Promo Video Brochure has taken one giant step for mankind and are now the first to offer the ‘tri-screen.’

Your video brochure can now function 3 working LCD screens of various shapes and sizes, and play whatever and whenever you desire. Each screen can perform separate duties, meaning one video can be educational, the second a highlight reel and the last one for direct marketing. The possibilities are endless and prove very exciting for you.

Here are a few of the tri-screens now available at Promo Video Brochure. 


Tri-screen video brochure

Tri-screen video brochure






Whether you want you the leading promotional tool or something as intimate as a greeting card, the video brochure is versatile and can accommodate to your needs.

If you want to find out more information or book your tri-screen brochure, contact us. 



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