The Video Brochure- FAQs

How did the Video Brochure come to be?

The American company Americhip invented the video brochure in 2007. In 2009, the first versions were launched for CBS and Pepsi. However, this means of marketing only took off in the UK in 2012.

How could one describe a video brochure?

A video brochure is a cross between a TV advertisement and a paper flyer. It allows you to deliver video and printed messages simultaneously. The video brochures include an LCD screen and contain a battery that is rechargeable thanks to the accompanying USB socket.

Are there any variations of video brochure?

If you would like to purchase a video brochure, you may choose between a touch screen and one with buttons. Both options would allow you to change the volume, as well as the video that you are watching.

Why makes the video brochure special?

The video brochure will provide you with an innovative and dynamic form of marketing that keeps the client constantly engaged.

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