Video Brochure v Standard Brochure



High impact.

Video Brochures register a high impact. When you hand someone one of our Video Brochures – it has an immediate impact. People are instantly drawn to your video content – users/clients are presented with a multi-sensory experience, which is instantly engaging, and far more impressive than a standard brochure. People will leave with a positive impression of your brand.


As opposed to a paper/card brochure which people usually discard, a Video Brochure will not be treated as such. It is apparent when we have taken Video Brochures to demo, whether it be large corporate clients or trade fairs – there is always a positive reaction – it gains the attention and captures the imagination. This inevitably results in people passing the Video Brochure around, meaning your bespoke branding, design and own video content is being passed around simultaneously.

Measure ROI.

Video Brochures give you the ability to measure and track ROI, in order to gain tangible business results. It is possible to measure this, for example if you are working on a specific campaign and using Video Brochures as part of the campaign, you can use tools such as unique codes, digital web keys etc. – this gives you the ability to track the performance of your marketing campaigns. Tracking your performance digitally offers unparalleled data results compared to a standard leaflet campaign – which in comparison is more difficult to measure precisely.


As someone opens the Video Brochure, they are greeted by several triggers: watch video, change video, request more information etc. This is through the added button functionality, of which you can add more. This adds a much more interactive element which is not found with standard brochures. In addition, you are providing the client/user the ability to respond to calls to action, benefitting your business.

Bespoke options.

No matter how innovative the brochure design is, or how beautiful the artwork, there are limits. With an LCD video incorporated, the card around the screen can be shaped into any shape or size, reflecting your brand. As the user holds the Video Brochure in their hands it requires instant attention and will held correctly as opposed to discarding, no matter how innovative the design of the brochure is. In addition, you can choose the screen size to incorporate a larger screen if your video content is of paramount importance, or there is the option to have smaller screens so your branding can be more pronounced.

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